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Now that you have met us, gotten to know us and our work, we hope you can support us with your dollars, energy, talent, and treasure.

Let's build a more just and equitable community together.

Fund our work

We invite you to sustain our mission with your dollars, to be part of a collective funding for social change through arts, culture and restorative self expression.

Artéria Collective is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit. Contributions are tax deductible. 

Your financial support will energize:

training, resources, support and placement for artists of color to lead interactive experiences in arts and culture for BIPOC children, youth and families,

the amplifying and publishing of BIPOC creative visions and voices through radio, music, and print,

 the celebration of BIPOC arts and culture through community events, 

the BIPOC youth of WOTS/LVLDJ in a healing and safe space created just for them, 

the tending of land for healing, community and BIPOC food sovereignty,

our staff, without whom our programs would not be possible,

and so much more.

Get in Touch

Now that you have met us and learned about our work, we hope that you will join us in the most appropriate way. Looking to work with us more closely? We are specifically seeking  Black, Latine, Indigenous and people of color while welcoming people who identify as white to share their talents and skills for specific roles and tasks.

Have a question or would you like to know more? Please fill out this contact form and it will be directed to the person most likely to have the answer or information. 

Do keep in mind that our working day might not be your working day and that most of our staff is in direct engagement with our programs. We are committed to creating balance and maintaining energy for our personal spiritual, physical, and emotional health. We will respond to emails, Tues-Fri, depending on the nature of the communication–definitely not on the weekends.

Would you like to volunteer? Don’t ask, “How can I help?” Instead ask yourself, “What skills do I have and how can those skills be used to support Artéria Collective?”

Volunteering is often fulfilling work that can feed the body, mind and soul, but with it comes responsibility. Make sure you are physically and mentally capable of handling your commitments.

Too often, people volunteer because they want to learn a new skill. Unfortunately, this can take time away from focusing on the community in need. Please do not volunteer for a position with which you have no experience.

Some volunteer positions may be for a single event, while others may be for a longer duration. Be clear with yourself and our team about the amount of time you can give.

Make sure that your values and the values of Artéria Collective are a good match. We are all individuals who have different ideas regarding how we can help our community and who should receive such help. Therefore, please read about us and our work to help ensure that volunteering with us is a good fit for you.

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